Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hutchinson Political Report Update

Jena 6 defendant Mychal Bell's $90,000 bond was revoked by a judge. Bell has been in jail since last December. The $90,000 bond was in place BEFORE the revocation. That was certainly ample time for civil rights leaders and activists to raise the money. They didn't. That was the point and criticism in "Civil Rights Leaders Failed Jena 6 Defendant Mychal Bell" by Earl Ofari Hutchinson.
The point and criticism still stands.


Bronze Trinity said...

Do you think that the protests were just about bail? It wasn't. It was about calling attention to injustice. Maybe if they had released Mychal on bail before hand this would have quietly disappeared. But the bail would just be a band-aid on the larger problem. The injustice would not have been solved just because Mychal would have been released on bail. He could and the other boys could have been sent to prison for most if not all of their lives. Thats why your post bothers us. Instead of seeing the big picture of what all these activists are working for (that will not end with the Jena 6), you are reducing it to only blaming and finding fault with civil rights leaders for not raising enough money fast enough. You do know that they have only been involved for a few months when this all started last December?

Why, in this case of the law versus teenaged boys are you focusing on civil rights leaders not raising money? Its a good attempt to try an divert attention and confuse people about the issues. The civil rights leaders did not cause this mess so your singling them out is really difficult to understand.

Maybe when you look at all the innocent men in jail who were eventually exonerated you will again blame civil rights leaders for not raising enough money quickly enough for their defense and DNA testing? You are really biased in where you want to put the blame.

Joseph LeSieur said...

Brother, You See! So many people are unknowledge-able about the Mychal Bell case. If you are a true journalist, you must check your facts, do the research, maybe you should COME to Jena. Go to the Courthouse. Interview the principle people in the courthouse. The D.A., the Judge, the Sheriff and THE WHITE MAN that's running things in Jena. Mychal Never Could Be Bonded! Don't believe me though, check it out for yourself. Or do you have the time. Better still, dig the up all the truth. This wasn't ever going to quietly go away. The controllers, in this place, were waiting for the opportunity to rid themselves of the misery caused by the boys. [Jena's Six] They were star players on the football team. Every student was dealing with the fact that these boys were the tops at Jena High, and every girl knew it! White & Black. That's where the story begins and ends.

So, when you mention the bail money, you don't know what you're talking about. These tricky folks, first tried Mychal as an adult, and held him with a probation hold, so that he couldn't bail. If money could get Mychal Bell out, he would have been out. The judge said his release could be a danger to the community.It Mychal Bell were released, the judge is saying, something could happen to him, and then we would have a sho'nuff problem them. So, then the system is doing Mychal a favor? Is, there holding him in that cell keeping him alive. This Bush Country. President George W. Bush should come to Jena and tell his friends to STAND DOWN!