Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Forget Apologizing to Obama Jackson Should Apologize to Blacks for His N Word Hypocrisy
Earl Ofari Hutchinson

On November 26, 2006 at a press conference in Los Angeles guess who said this: "We will challenge and urge all artists and comics to stop using this (n) word. What other group is subjected to such a degrading terminology?"
And then guess who called for this action: We will go after TV networks, film companies and comedians and demand that they stop using the word. We will boycott sales of the DVDs of Seinfeld’s seventh season TV show. The speaker of course was Jesse Jackson. The offender who dared utter the dreaded N word was comedian Michael Richards.
Now we hear that Jesse did a Richards like imitation with the N word in his infamous unguarded open mic dig at Obama on Fox.
Jackson’s pound of Richards and saber rattle of the entertainment business was strong stuff. In fact it was vintage Jackson; a denunciation of the N word, railing against the entertainment industry and entertainers for their racial insensitivity, and, of course, a threatened boycott. Jesse was riding tall on his moral and racial high horse at the time and had thousands revved up to go after Richards and anyone else who used the N word.
The problem is that the “anyone else” Jackson had in mind was not simply, a white bit part comedian, and some off color comics and filmmakers, but any and every black that used the word. Jesse would settle for nothing less than a total ban by blacks on the N word.

Jackson’s press conference tirade against the N word was hardly the first time he had hit the warpath against the word. He had spent years lecturing, hectoring, and admonishing blacks to dump the word from their vocabulary.
So that makes his N word slur even more unpardonable than if it come from a rapper or comic. They’re trying to make a buck off of using the word as cutesy shock value so at least there’s logic, commercial and twisted, but logic nonetheless to their spew of it. In Jackson’s case that doesn’t apply.
He committed two serious offenses in casually and recklessly using the word. Though he didn’t call Obama the word, by knocking him (“cut off his n…ts”) and tossing in the word to describe blacks who Obama allegedly offended, Obama by inference became an N… too. Jackson’s bigger offense was his tar of blacks with the word. If a white celebrity, personality or politician slandered and disrespected blacks with the word, guess who would be the first person to charge the barricades demanding their head and then that they banned in Boston for perpetuity. The chances are pretty good that Jackson would have gotten their head and the ban. But in this case, the famed personality that offended with the word is not a white notable but Jackson.
So what should we do about him? He’s already apologized to Obama, and since Obama wasn’t the target of Jackson’s loose lip slur, Jackson should immediately apologize to blacks for not only trashing them, but also apologize for his hypocrisy. That’s not all. Since Jackson called for a boycott of the DVD’s of the Seinfeld show for Richards N word offense, then turn about is fair play. In this case, listeners to Jackson’s national radio show should consider a brief tune out of the show to show that the N word no matter whether it drips from the lips of a tired white comedian, gangster rapper, blue room black comedian, radio shock jock, or a one time civil rights icon, is just as offensive.
Jesse has taken a much deserved hit for his intemperate personal rap of Obama. Now he should take an even bigger hit for his far worse racial rap of blacks and in the process himself.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author and political analyst. His new book is The Ethnic Presidency: How Race Decides the Race to the White House (Middle Passage Press, February 2008).


Anonymous said...

OBAMA preached the identical thing that Bill Cosby said about Black fathers taking responsibility for their actions concerning their families.
And Jesse Jackson, sitting behind Bill Cosby on the stage at another time, endorsed Bill's message to the audience.
Why is Jesse Jackson so mean and hateful to Obama?
Could it be jealousy?
He's getting old and crabby?
He's losing his kingdomship?
Middle age crisis?
Losing his eloquent speech?
(He does seem to mumble incoherently in his speech patterns. It's hard to
understand what in the world
he's saying.)
Hopefully he'll read this.

Anonymous said...

Two things are really "tired" about Black people.

1. Accusing other Black folks who criticize Obama as playing into the White man's scheme of divide and conquer, or being jealous of Obama's success.

The 2nd thing that is tired about Black folks is the casual use of the N-Word. No matter how successful African Americans are, be they entertainers, leaders, or average folk, in taking ownership away from Whites of the N-word it will never erase the centuries of pain, blood and death inflicted.

Jesse Jackson was right, and has a right, to criticize Obama on his consistent attacks on Black people, as if we are the only people in this country that can be described in the manner Obama describes us. The only thing disturbing about Jacksons comments was the comment about cutting off Obama's private parts.

Obama would never go to a predominantly White gathering and challenge White working-class men to take better care of their families, unless of course he believes most of them have perfect families. No he knows better. He will not attack deadbeat White men because he needs their votes.

Anonymous said...

Jesse Jackson is nothing but a shakedown artist, and has never been anything else. The book about his life, "Shakedown" tells it all. Ward Connerly, on the other hand, made a good living by working hard and not making it his life's work to try and "shame" white people for what some of their ancestors did. White Americans are mighty sick and tired of the black excuses for not making it in America. No group has had more opportunity in the last 50 years than blacks! The Asians come over here, and many of them are just as dark-skinned as the black race (particularly the East Indians), but no white people "block" them from making a good living and enjoying all the benefits of this great country. There are many hard-working, ambitious, God-fearing black folks, but, unfortunately, there are also many who believe the lies told by Jackson, Sharpton, and Obama, et. al. This is what's holding them back as a group, not the "white man." Ward Connerly and Jesse Lee Peterson are the type of men (black or white) that need to be admired and emulated by young black people.

Anonymous said...

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